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The Needville Online Auto Show

Let’s just jump right into it and start talking about the amazing vehicles for this year! Land Rover annouced recently that a completely new division will be rolled out that will be dedicated soley to “bespoke commissions” in addition to heritage products and apparel. According to Land Rover, the new models will be called halo and will be targeting ultra-high luxury and performance. They will be produced in limited number and will give special customers full customization over how they look including unique paint jobs, trims and many other accessories. John Edwards will lead this new division in special ops.

Land Rover WindshieldA popular post on autoblog reports Land Roveris building a new technical center that will be established in England’s West Midlands, which will consist of a team of over 100 qualified and experienced auto specialists. The windshields on these vehicles will be specially crafted and with new technology that prevents chips and crack that would call for windshield replacements or windshield repairs. Reports also say that only windshield replacement and auto glass replacement specialists will be able to repair or replace these specialty windshields. And, don’t lock your keys out of this vehicle. Why? Because unless you have an extra set, you are not getting into this SUV and will most likely have to call your local locksmith company to get you back in and on the road. You will be able to see these new vehicles at our upcoming online home show this year!

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